“beyond college prep”  is the message we proclaim.

Our stakeholders will tell you why they selected Holy Cross Academy. Our vision is clear and our students will proclaim our mission.


I want to take a special moment to say thanks to everyone at Holy Cross Academy. The entire staff always goes above and beyond to assist the parents and students and makes the high school experience pleasant, relaxing and a group effort to see the child succeed. I have never had a time when I needed assistance and it was not met with a warm smile, a helping hand and even a thank you. Moving my children to Holy Cross was a great decision. With all the stresses in life that parents and families go through, you all make things very smooth and easy when you can and it is truly appreciated.

Stacey Macaluso
Current Holy Cross Academy Parent


I currently work in Brooklyn at an Architecture and Planning Firm (Interboro Partners) and I am working on a design competition held by the Housing and Urban Development Agency  (HUD) in post-Sandy recovery. We are one of ten international teams!

As many of my previous emails over the past 6 years have been, thank you (Holy Cross) for the critical foundation in drafting and looking analytically at drawings.

I have been asked by several previous professors to join their firms and to be guest critics for their design studios to help their students hone their drafting skills. It is evident that those students with an exposure to CAD or other drafting programs are leaps and bounds ahead of their peers.
James Giresi ’08
Urban Design and Community Engagement Liaison
Interboro Partners


I also feel more educated in my Catholic faith and feel much closer to the church’s teachings than I was before. The masses during school and the religion classes definitely make me feel more at one with God.
Josie O’Donnell ’17


I picked Holy Cross Academy because I valued the tradition, religion, work ethic, and environment and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Ever since I was a child, my mom continuously raved about the great times she had and the lifelong friends she made when she was a student at Holy Cross and that was something I wanted to be a part of as well. Coming from a Catholic background, the religion played a factor in my decision as well because I think that it is important to all individuals. I thought the laptops and the block scheduling was basically the coolest thing I ever saw and was amazed by the work ethic the teachers seemed to have encouraged.
Emily Fusco ’14


I recently shadowed at Hofstra University, and wanted to inform you that in one of the classes that I attended they used the same resources that we use at Holy Cross. I was so delighted sitting in the class, able to recognize what the professor was talking about. I felt very confident and comfortable in class because I understood what was being discussed, rather than feeling awkward and out of place in an otherwise unfamiliar setting. Thank you, both so much, I now truly feel ready to move into my college career which is fast approaching!
Emma Vaccaro ’14


Classes at Holy Cross are not forty-five minutes long, as it is in most other schools. Instead each class is around an hour and ten minutes, allowing for teachers to speak more in-depth about information pertaining to a class.  In a typical day you have only four classes. In the course of a year you will take eight classes that will be divided into semester 1 or semester 2. Students often “double up” on their subjects or in other words take two Math classes, two English classes, or two Science classes, whatever the case may be. In your senior year this pays off because you can take all electives.
Kathleen Yeckley ’14


Another thing Holy Cross offers is the famous block scheduling. There is only four classes a semester but each class is twice as long. Many people get nervous about having a class so long, but the time goes by very fast. Block scheduling is also great because there is no worrying over having eight tests in one day. In the middle of the day, there is a one hour flex period where students eat their lunches, go to clubs or tutoring, and socialize with their peers and friends.

In addition to block scheduling, there is the highly practical use of technology. Students are given a laptop to use for their classes. Homework and class work is usually done on the laptop. There are programs on the laptop to make movies, PowerPoint’s, documents, spreadsheets, and to take notes. The laptop can also access the internet so students can see their grades or go on moodle. The laptop can also be a tablet so students can actually use the pen to write on the screen.
Rachel Altschuler ’14


Overall, Holy Cross was a huge and influential stepping stone for me. It helped me open myself up and explore new things. It helped me to properly prepare myself for my future outside of Holy Cross in college and even in my future job. I may leave Holy Cross, but Holy Cross will never leave me.
Gabi Konyak ’14


The teacher is always there for you too, whenever you need help with something they always find time for you to take advantage of your education. One thing I love about the teachers is that they teach you in a way that works and clicks. All different people have different learning styles and the teacher adapts to that and helps you understand in your own way. 

Holy Cross is a special school that strives for success in every student. If you are willing to work hard and succeed then Holy Cross is the way to go. Just remember, “You belong here.”
Chris Mirabelli ’14


Instead of being in a small community, I experienced all types of diversity and thrived in it. For example, our school provides foreign exchange for students from all over including China and South Korea. Adding their culture and traditions has allowed all of our students to experience life beyond their American culture. In addition to that students come from all different towns in South Jersey contributing their traditions, opinions, and beliefs to Holy Cross. 

Culture vibes through the hallways at Holy Cross. Every person from whatever ethnicity, background, or belief has a place here. You can be whomever you want here and will find your place among this welcoming family. For this reason you belong here at Holy Cross Academy. 
Kelsey Akers ’14


I feel like I belong at Holy Cross because it is this environment which has allowed me to grow and explore my potential. I have found a place where I can feel comfortable approaching my teachers, stay busy with a variety of activities and make the best friends I have ever had. I have felt welcomed here from the minute the admissions committee visited my eighth grade class and I cannot picture myself at any other school. At Holy Cross, my talents are celebrated and I am challenged each day academically, socially, and spiritually to be a better person than I was the day before.
Katie Hummel ’10


I belong at Holy Cross because the benefits of the school suit me and fit my personality. It is smaller than the public school to which I would have gone so it (Holy Cross) gives me more opportunities. I could play field hockey because it is a smaller program and I could get noticed. Holy Cross has smaller class sizes so I have options to get individual attention from my teachers. My teachers are more accessible to me. Another reason I belong at Holy Cross is my Faith. I can express my beliefs with people who share them (Beliefs). A positive aspect of going to a small school is being able to try new things. I have never played lacrosse and was able to try it (Lacrosse). I have many great experiences at Holy Cross, made great friends and memories, which is why I belong at Holy Cross.
Emily Schmitt ’10


I am a person of many different interests and talents. Very few schools offer activities that satisfy all my interests. Holy Cross is one that does. If I want to take difficult courses to challenge my intellect, I can. If I want to be a role model in student leadership, I can. If I want to sing and accompany the choir, I can. If I want to direct or work backstage, I can. Holy Cross provides everything that I could possibly want and I would not want it any other way.
Cameron Stringham ’10


I can’t believe my child is 2/3 of the way through freshman year already. I have been meaning to drop you an email – I had to stop up to the school a little over a week ago to drop something off to the nurse and I can’t even tell you how impressed I was with the vibe given off by the students and the staff. When considering where to send our child to middle & high school, we visited our local public school and I really felt uneasy in the halls. This was a big part of the reason we chose to attend (Catholic) middle school and now Holy Cross. Every interaction I have had this year has just left me with the confirmation that it was a good decision to put him in your hands.
Class of 2013 Parent


Holy Cross is a wonderful environment to be around every day! Even though the students learn a lot each day, the teachers always find ways to make learning a lot of fun. I’m so happy I chose Holy Cross as my high school because I belong here. There was no other better choice for me.
Julia K. ’17