Faculty and Staff

Leadership Team Website Ext
Principal Dennis M. Guida, M.A.T. 3012
Administrative Assistant to the Principal Marge Gaffney 3012
Associate Principal Michael Fynan, M.A. Business Administration 3010
Associate Principal Marie K. Germano, M.A. Curriculum and Instructional Development website 3004
Administrative Assistants Lisa Leibrand Administrative Assistant 3026
Paula Nolan Administrative Assistant 3002
Leadership Support Team Website Ext
Rich McConnell Dean of Students 3037
Michelle Chiosso Administrative Assistant 3001
Sue Renzi Administrative Assistant – Tuition 3006
Daniel Dockery Director of Athletics 3025
James Nolan Director of Activities 3008
Theresa Snyder Administrative Assistant 3033
Lisa Melroy Executive Director 3015
Lois Somers Administrative Assistant 3011
Candace Schmid Technology Office  website 3044
  Technology Office 3014
Medical Office Edie Anderson & Leslie Santo School Nurse 3023
Departments  Website  Ext
Guidance Department Jennifer Kelly, M.S. Department Chair 3020
Pat Mulvenna, B.S. 3021
Eric R. Wilkinson, J.D. 3017
Barbara Anstey Administrative Assistant 3016
Sue Ridolfi Career Navigation 1004
Media Center Sister Bernadette Thomas, M.L.S. Media Specialist website 3036
Sister Monica Byrne, M.S. 3103
English Department Gene Tosto, B.A.  Department Chair website 3156
Matthew Becker, B.A. website 3114
Ann Marie Byrnes, M.A. website 3105
Thomas Gowan, A.B. website 3123
Richard Matwiejewicz, B.A. website 3136
Colette New, B.A. website 3143
James Nolan, M.A.T. website 3008
Penny O’Neill, B.S. website 3166
Pamela Tosto, B.A. website 3157
Mathematics Department Francis Sgroi, M.A.T. Department Chair website 3150
Thomas Guida, B.A. website 3161
Carole Lynch, B.S. website 3133
Rich McConnell, B.A. website 3037
Debra Meyer, B.S. website 3108
Rebecca Skedzielewski, B.S. website 1003
Walter Walsh, M.A. website 3160
Science Department Jeffrey Moloney, M.Ed. Department Chair website 3141
Sister Claudette Naylor, M.S. website 3137
Tiffany Rhea, B.S. website 3134
Theresa Ritter, B.S. website 3102
Rebecca Skedzielewski, B.S. website 1003
Robert Waters, B.A. website 3163
Social Studies Department Daniel Dockery, M.A.T Department Chair website 3025
Dominic Cesare, B.A. website
George R. Donald, B.S. website 3111
John Gamble, B.S. website 3120
Michael Gould, B.A. website 3122
Thomas Guida, B.A. website 3161
Cletus Lynch, M.A. website 3101
Religion Department Debra Williams, B.A. Department Chair website 3170
Matthew Becker, B.A. website 3144
John Gamble, B.S. website 3120
Nancy Gorman, M.A. website  3022
Paul Moynahan, A.B. website 3142
World Language Department Pamela Tosto, B.A. Department Chair website 3157
Cinthya Cedeno-Mateo, B.A. website 3131
Colette New, B.A. website 3143
Sergio Torres, B.A. website 3124
Physical Education Department Barry Harper, B.S. Department Chair website 3029
Tiffany Rhea, B.S. website 3134
William Royds, B.A. website 3155
Arts, Business, and Technology Department Joseph Dvorak, M.A. Department Chair website 3113
Brenda Kelly, B.A. website 3107
Carole Lynch, B.S. website 3133
Penny O’Neill, B.S. website 3166
Educational Services Unit Julie O’Brien Comp Ed/SI Reading/Writing 3164
Lee Ann Kaminski Comp Ed/SI Math 3121
Erica Brooks ESL 1009
Jean Hartman Speech 3168
Jacqueline Gatesman Special Education 1007
Andrea Martin Special Education 1008