Principal’s Message

To:          Alumni, Stakeholders and Friends of Holy Cross
From:    The Office of the President and Principal
Date:      September 26, 2014

Dear Friends of Holy Cross,

As the President and Principal of Holy Cross, I am humbled by the responses that I have received thus far regarding our name and tagline refresh.  I welcome the conversation and your candor.  I continue to thank you for your support of the students of Holy Cross.

To be clear, few people care more about Holy Cross, its traditions and its future than our faculty, staff and leadership.   Any changes – however small or large – are evaluated and made with thoughtfulness and careful consideration. This is very, very personal to each and every one of us.

With all that being said, a successful school is not a museum.  While we honor our heritage and traditions, we must anticipate the future or risk failing our students. As good stewards of Holy Cross this is a key part of our mission. The world around us is changing and education is evolving. The expectations for schools such as ours are growing.   In a recent US News & World Report list of the top ten high schools in the country, very few of them even use the words high school in their name.  Holy Cross is our name and it is our DNA.  A high school is a high school is a high school and our vision for the future calls for more than being just a high school. Our students of today and tomorrow deserve nothing less.

While I fully understand that change is not easy, I respectfully ask you to direct your energies regarding this modest change to bragging to your friends and colleagues about Holy Cross.  We remain worthy of your loyalty and passion.

Now and forever…GO LANCERS!!!
Dennis M. Guida, MAT
President / Principal