Academic Program


Holy Cross Academy endeavors to serve the academic, religious and social needs of students.  In a college preparatory environment, Holy Cross Academy promotes 21st century learning for today’s digital learners. In a 21st century learning environment, all students are able to learn.  Holy Cross promotes the use of student centered learning and the use of technology to function as the catalyst for literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.

Holy Cross offers a 1:1 Ultraportable PC Program that allows students to use Web 2.0 tools to engage in learning tasks that involve creation, manipulation, innovation, and knowledge construction.  Similarly, the faculty experiences ongoing technology training in order to provide learning experiences that meet the needs of all students.  Using Promethean Activboards, teachers are able to provide greater opportunities for student participation and collaboration.

Holy Cross supports the commitment to the development of a lifelong learner and empowers both its students and faculty members to continue learning through various academic opportunities.


Holy Cross requires students to take a minimum number of core courses in each academic department.  This traditional educational approach is complemented by array of elective offerings, a community service requirement, as well as a faith-based requirement.  The academic program is comprised of more than fifty course offerings and is subdivided into Advanced Placement and Honors (1) and College Prep (2).

  • Advanced Placement and Honors
    • These Advanced Placement and Honors courses are offered to students who have met high achievement standards.
  • College Prep
    • These courses are offered to all students


Here at Holy Cross Academy, we now offer 32 courses.

To graduate from Holy Cross Academy, it is required that students must accumulate 160 credits.

Below is the recommend program for attendance at a four-year college or university, which is also followed by our students here at Holy Cross Academy:

Number of Credits Content Area
20 (5 credits each year) English
20 Electives in Core Content Areas
15-20 Mathematics
10 Physical Education
20 (5 credits each year) Religion
15-20 (10 credits in Lab Sciences) Science
10 US History I and II

(5 required)

Visual and Performing Arts

and/or Practical Arts

10 (in same language) World Language
5 World History



Block Scheduling is the agenda we use here at Holy Cross Academy.  The 4 x 4 block schedule provides students with four 71/73-minute classes every day.  Students will complete a course in one semester rather than a full school year.

With Block Scheduling, teachers are able to utilize more varied or innovative instructional techniques when class periods are longer—they can cover more content with fewer interruptions, provide students with more attention and one-on-one support, and they can engage students in more sustained, in-depth learning activities, including more sophisticated projects, teamwork-based exercises, or other activities.


Full Day Schedule

Warning Bell 8:10
Block 1 8:15-9:28
Block 2 9:35-10:46
Block 3 LUNCH/ACTIVITIES 10:50-11:18
Block 4 LUNCH/ACTIVITIES 11:24-11:52 (1st bell)

11:57 (warning bell)

Block 5 11:58-1:09
Block 6 1:16-2:29




Half Day Schedule

Warning Bell 8:10
Block 1 8:15-8:57
Block 2 9:04-9:44
Block 3 LUNCH/ACTIVITIES 9:48-10:16
Block 4 LUNCH/ACTIVITIES 10:22-10:50 (1st bell)

10:55 (warning bell)

Block 5 10:56-11:36
Block 6 11:43-12:25
Dismissal 12:25


Holy Cross believes it is important that students see their faith as a lived experience and see service as an integral part of their Christian lifestyle.  All students are required to perform community service hours before advancing to the next year of study.

  • Students must obtain written verification of service given on the letterhead of the organization, stating the type of service and the number of hours served
  • Students may not receive compensation for their service
  • Hours must be performed for the benefit of a community- either school or local

Service Hours Required:

Freshmen          10 hours

Sophomores      15 hours

Juniors              20 hours

Seniors             25 hours


Holy Cross High School offers its students and community members many opportunities to enhance learning.  In a college preparatory setting, students are motivated and encouraged to challenge one another and to grow through hard work and determination.  Our wealth of resources and dedicated educators will assist students to reach their full potential.

  • Princeton Review
  • Academic Tutoring
  • AP Testing
  • College Credit Courses
  • Career Navigation
  • National Honor Society
  • College Club
  • Lancer Scholars
  • Academic Honor Societies