Arts, Business and Technology

Arts, Business and Technology Department

The Business department offers a comprehensive approach in the study of business. Through the use of technology, software and other information tools along with the application of problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills, a student will apply new skills

to business or career-relevant situations.

After completing a course of study in Business, a student will:

~Use technology, information and other tools as applied in a business environment

~Use critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills

~Demonstrate self-management skills

~Develop an understanding of the free enterprise system in our market economy

~Apply communication skills to business or career-relevant situations

The Arts and Visual Design Technologies department offers students an opportunity to increase aesthetic awareness in music, dance, theatre, visual arts and design. Design skills will be developed. Artistic accomplishments will be critiqued and evaluated. Art history, tradition and culture will be studied.

After completing a course of study in the Arts and Visual Design Technologies a student will:

~Develop an aesthetic understanding in music, dance, theatre and visual arts

~Refine perceptual, intellectual, physical and technical skills through the

creation of music, dance, theatrical performance, visual arts and design

~Identify the various historical, social and cultural traditions which

have generated artistic accomplishments throughout the ages

and which continue to shape contemporary art and design

~Develop design skills for planning the form and function of

space, structure, objects, sound and events

After completing course work in the department of Arts and Visual Design Technologies a student will gain an understanding of the methods, mechanics, software and philosophy of art in our culture.