The Science Department of Holy Cross Academy endeavors to stimulate the innate curiosity of the student by means of inquiry and problem solving. We seek to enable the students to apply in a practical manner the skills and knowledge they have acquired. We challenge our students to use technology as a tool in a rapidly changing world. Students will come to appreciate interrelationships among species and ecosystems. We seek to engender respect for all life and responsibility for our stewardship of the planet.

Students will:

~Objectively gather information, effectively process the acquired knowledge, and logically develop valid conclusions

~Understand and demonstrate the relationships between matter and energy

~Demonstrate and appreciate the diversity and sacredness of life

~Gain an understanding of the inner relationships and inner dependence among species and ecosystems

~Demonstrate an understanding of origin, evolution, and structure of the universe

~Develop an understanding of the composition of the earth and dynamics that shape it

~Integrate mathematics and technology as tools for solving problem-solving in expressing and modeling scientific theories

~Understand and appreciate the appropriate safety practices of a modern science lab

~Evaluate the effects of personal and societal activities on the environment

~Recognize that scientific ideas and knowledge have developed over time, through worldwide contributions of many scientists


The Science department standards are based on the National and New Jersey State Standards,the NGSS- Next Generation Science Standards, and the Diocesan Science Standards. The standards are correlated to each course outcome and are listed by number after each outcome.