Important Dates

Open House

Saturday, October 18

School tours from 10am to 1pm


If you missed our Open House, please contact us for information and a tour



Shadow Days

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Beginning September 30, 2014 – May 14, 2015

9:00 am – 2:15 pm

Please call 856-461-5400 ext. 3026  to schedule a day


High School Placement Test (HSPT)

Wednesday, March 18 from 3:30-6:45pm.

Registration Fee:  $50

All incoming freshman will need to take the HSPT prior to matriculation.

Please call 856-461-5400 ext. 3026 to register


Class of 2019 Course Selection

The Class of 2019 accepted students are invited to make an appointment to come in with a parent and choose their classes for the 2015-2016 school year.   Contact our Director of Admissions, Christian Cantwell to schedule an appointment via email or call 856-461-5400 X3007. 

Parents will be asked to go online and complete the three steps to Register their child for the school year.  Please use the link under the “Registration Process” section to complete this step.


Financial Aid Application

The link to apply for financial aid will be open on November 1.  The deadline for applications is November 15, 2014.   Please see the link under “Financial Aid” to complete the process.