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“One Book, One School” Resources

“Five Economic Lessons of the Hunger Games” 

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The Odds Ever in Your Favor:  Ideas and Resources for Teaching The Hunger Games

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Written by Tracee Orman

These are all links to articles I wrote on my blog, Hunger Games Lessons.  Each one offers ideas you can implement in your own classroom.  Enjoy!


Hunger Games Projects Activities:

Using Facebook for Character Sketch/Summaries:

Rebel Propos Project:

Word Clouds Activity:

Create an Original YouTube/Google Video Connection:

Using Glogster to Promote Creativity & Incorporate Technology:

Service to Others Project:

Hunger Games Valentines Activity:

Map of Panem Activity:  See also “What’s My District” for new information added by Lionsgate:

Suzanne Collins Biography (Creating a Comic Book Bio):

Writing Prompts/Questions for Students:

Symbolism of the Luna Moth:

Connecting the Holocaust to The Hunger Games Trilogy:

Science Connection:

Hunger Games Fireside Chat – Patriotic:

Hunger Games Fireside Chat – Listening & Writing:

If Katniss & Peeta Celebrated Thanksgiving:

Hunger Games Life Lessons Activity:

Teaching Ideas & Examples:

How Other Teachers are Using The Hunger Games in Their Classrooms:

Class Reaping Ideas, Pictures:

Teach Vocabulary Creatively:

Using Visual Aids in Classroom:

Life Lessons Activity:

Poetry Activities & Connections:

Poetry/Earth Day Connection:

Poem in Your Pocket Day:

World Poetry Day Activity:

O Captain My Captain Whitman Poetry Activity:

Helpful Articles:

Defense for Teaching The Hunger Games:  If the book is ever challenged at your school, I have some arguments in this article that may help you.

Rating of The Hunger Games Movie:

(How I Began) Teaching The Hunger Games:

Why Teach The Hunger Games:

Beware the Ides of March—Julius Caesar Connection:

Listing of All My Materials:

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