Microwave Oven Maintenance Tips

The Microwave Oven is a vital component of nearly every home today. It is often under the authority of the lady of the house but used by every family member both young and old. While both you and I have knowledge of many excellent food recipes, it is so important to learn how to take care of this kitchen appliance properly. Electrical maintenance is most certainly the job of a licensed specialist. A homeowner’s review of a few quick and frequent inspection practices will ensure microwave oven maintenance is up kept and secure your investment over a long period of time samsung stove and oven repair pasadena.

Five things you should never do with a microwave:

1. Never operate the microwave oven empty.

2. Never use a microwave for deep-frying or canning.

3. Never use a microwave oven to heat a baby bottle.

4. Stay alert. Especially while making popcorn due to the huge amount of heat generated which often results in sudden fires.

5. Use a microwave safe bowl or container for cooking and heating.

As a general rule, never use any container that contains metal.

Cleaning the microwave after every use is very important for health and safety. Modern microwaves are equipped with a detachable, rotating glass plate at the base. After each use, the plate should be taken out and cleaned properly. This is important as the residual food particles may get heated and catch fire if not cleaned. When owners do not clean the microwave properly, leftover food particles cause the microwave to work harder and may cause microwave leakage. If your oven is not fitted with a detachable base, wipe out the base with a gentle water and soap mix and dry it perfectly before using. Good microwave cleaners can also be used.

It is important to clean the edges of the door carefully. The edges of the door are a very common area in which food particles get trapped and cause major damage to the microwave door.

It is of vital importance to take special care of the microwave oven door. The door is a very integral part of the microwave as it automatically triggers the engine and also protects users from health hazards. Sometimes if the door is damaged, but still closes, the microwave oven might not stop functioning. But you should proactively stop using it and contact a repair professional or the manufacturer for a repair.

Important! Contact the vendor’s customer support if the door is not closing tightly enough and stop using it immediately.

Most manufacturers recommend owners using an approved surge protector to protect the unit from power surges. It is recommended to plug the microwave directly into a surge protector.

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