“One Book, One School”

In an effort to build community, promote active literacy across the curriculum, and encourage students to read for pleasure, Holy Cross High School introduced  its “One Book, One School” program in 2009.

By creating a common reading experience among the school community, the program creates common knowledge and vocabulary and allows participants to come together to discuss the book on both a social and an academic level.

The “One Book, One School” program selection for 2014-2015 is The Warrior’s Heart by Eric Greitens.



As a humanitarian, he helped aid workers heal orphaned children in Rwanda and lived in camps alongside Bosnian refugees. As a warrior, he excelled at the hardest military training in the world and teamed up with fellow SEALs to hunt al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. In this adaptation of his memoir, The Heart and the Fist, Eric Greitens brings his adventures to life for teens, sharing stories of friendship, struggle, and hard-earned wisdom. His exciting journey takes readers across the world, from his boyhood home in Missouri, to a factory in China, to the refugee camps of Rwanda, to the battlefield in Iraq. Through his service, he shows how we can all make a difference. Along the way, Eric speaks directly to teens through narratives that allow readers to exercise their imagination and broaden their horizons.

Previous Year’s Selections:  Shackleton’s Way (2009), The Soloist (2010), The Last Lecture (2011), The Hunger Games (2012), Between Shades of Gray (2013)