Medical Office

If you have any questions please contact the nurse at (856) 461-5400 ext. 3023.


** A YEARLY PHYSICAL is to be on file in the nurse’s office along with the Health
History Questionnaire completed by the parent/guardian and reviewed by the student’s
Physician at the time of the yearly physical.

Health History Form

Physical Evaluation Form

**DO NOT return medical forms and information together with other school forms. They
should be mailed or turned in to the main office, or nurse’s office, SEPARATELY.

**In light of fees at MD offices now associated with making copies of medical forms, we
recommend that you make a copy of all medical forms before turning them in.


Forms required to participate in ALL SPORTS:

Health History Form  Must be updated by parent/guardian and submitted for EACH sport in which the student participates

Physical Evaluation Form

Athletic Participation Form

Authorization to Medicate During School Hours

Permission Form – Drive Home Sick

NJSIAA Steroid Testing Policy

Steroid Testing Consent Form

Concussion Policy Acknowledgement Form

Two (2) Emergency Information Cards (swimming, tennis, crew, ice hockey only need 1 card)


Medical Healthcare Plans

Asthma Action Plan

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

Diabetes Medical Action Plan